Toshiba Laptop Price in Dubai UAE

Toshiba Laptop Price in Dubai

Toshiba is the brand that deliver technology with the innovation. According to the recent reports 2015, Toshiba is growing rapidly and positioning its brand more aggressively than others. According to market intelligence firm IDC, in the first quarter, it is being one of the leading brand in Gulf and it is being dominating the computer market in Saudi Arabia. The laptops of Toshiba are long lasting and have quality standards for which they are expensive.Toshiba Laptops Price in Dubai are very closet other brands like Dell Laptops & HP laptopsThey earn for being innovative and maintaining a standard. Toshiba Satellite L40W-C1959 with the display size of 14 inches, processor Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD supported by Windows 10 as its operating system is one of the best model that has a price of 3300 AED. Then there are some model which are small in terms of size and components. Just like Toshiba Satellite N10 mini Cel have a hard disk of 500GB, 2 Gb RAM and Dos operating system. Due to which it has less price of 999 AED. Then there is another attractive model according to the needs of today i.e Toshiba Satellite SL10-WB 1434 having a screen size of 11.6 inches. One of the unique feature of this model is touch facility. This silver colored piece is powered by Intel Celeron. Moreover its hard disk is of 500 GB HDD and 4GB RAM supported by Windows 8.1 which is quite easy to operate for the most people. The price for this powerful model is just 1189 AED that is quite attractive for the younger generation. There are many other models falling in the same categories and price levels like Toshiba L50T-B 1779 with a price level of 1995 AED incorporate core i5 processor, 500GB storage and 4GB RAM with a touch display of size 25.6 inches compatible with windows 8.

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