Some people prefer to buy HP I3 Laptops because of the low budget. It means that people want more valuable things in fewer prices. So HP is one of the best brands that satisfy this demand of their customers through producing quality laptops for the people who want it but don’t have much to spend on it. In this respect, HP 15 laptop is one of the models that adds the experience of portability in customers’ uses. It is one of the thinking machine compacts with the technology in a slim and stylish casing. It has hard storage of 500 GB, 4 GB RAM, and compatible with Windows 8 bearing a price of 1339 AED. In the same category, another model of HP 250 that is designed for the professional use housing the same features and processor carrying a price of 1244 AED. This technology is getting outdated because of the launch of new technologies rapidly, but most of the people are using these models with total enthusiasm because they satisfy their computing needs so far. There is a very limited example using this processor, so nowadays this technology is getting rare but those who are already using these models do not have complaints, rather they are much satisfied by their utility.