DELL is a US-based Software and Electronics manufacturer which has excellence reputation in producing, designing, repairing, selling and supporting computers related stuff. DELL product categories include mobility products, desktop PCs, software and peripherals, servers and networking services, and storage.

The mobility products target the customers seeking slim, sleek, elegant, thin and light machines for great performance systems for regular use. DELL precision line provides workstations exclusively for professional users who demand exceptional performance from hardware platforms which are augmented and qualified to run sophisticated hi-tech applications, such as those needed for the game development, software development and design, digital content creation, graphic designing, geographic information system, computer aided design and engineering, financial and statistical analysis etc.

DELL supports innovation and creativity. DELL also provides its customer the facility to have a full customized machine according to their requirements. DELL is a leading and competing information technology company and according to the fortune magazine DELL is the sixth largest company in Texas by total revenue.


DELL Inspiron series laptop Inspiron 15 3537 with potential cores of i3, i5 and i7 Sandy and Haswell’s processors are quite reasonable priced power pack laptops with amazing features. The Inspiron line of DELL was designed for consumers seeking the modern and latest technology and high performance in affordable prices. Inspiron desktop computers were designed for mainstream PC users which require amazing and latest features to entertain their needs.


Dell i3 laptop price in Dubai  is quite reasonable. Starting with core i3, Inspiron core i3 containing laptops starts from the range of 1000/ Dh. The laptops contain Intel’s fourth generation core with 1.8 GHZ of speed. RAM varies from model to model but minimum RAM is from 2 to 4 GB. DELL provides quality and durable machines in reasonable prices.


Dell i5 laptop price in Dubai starts from 1500/-DH. DELL Inspiration 15 3537 core i5 have Intel’s fourth generation core i5 with processing speed of about 2.6 GHz. It provides more space to the RAM which is 6 GB to guarantee fast processing speed and efficiency. It also provides big feature of touch screen to make more interactive environment. It is 1 inch thick in the overall thickness and is 21% more slim, thin and elegant than the previous laptops of Inspiration series. So, when you are on the move you can easily slip into your ravel bags and can easily carry around. DELL machines battery timing is remarkable and most of tech guru says only DELL’s machines have such a long lasting battery.


Dell i7 laptop price in Dubai is very fair as compared to other countries around the world. DELL Latitude, Alienware, etc. all have Intel’s 6th generation core i7 processor and its price range starts from 2500 DH. DELL Inspiron 15 (5558) have Intel 5th generation core i7 processor and RAM upto 16 GB. You can also select integrated Intel HD Graphics or a discrete NVIDIA GeForce 920M GPU. It is one of the best reasonable priced gaming machine. Inspiron 15 (5558) is an excellent and well-built device with outstanding features. It has 500 GB hard disk drive to facilitate sufficient data storing. The 15.6-inch screen has options for resolutions of 1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080, touch or non-touch panel.